Home decoration

Home power and pipes need to use scientific layout to maximize their effectiveness, kitchen settings should also be reasonable.

Home Power and pipes

In the new home, the power will be arranged according to strict standards during the construction process. Unless there are specific requirements, there is usually no need to re-arrange. As for the old homes, when the renovation is carried out, the power supply will be re-arranged due to the aging of the pipe line or the need for decoration layout. The following figure provides some basic layout information as a reference, so that the DIY project can meet the modern and scientific standards as much as possible.

Home power hose distribution and spatial distance

The above information is for reference only. If you need regular power layout, please contact a professional electrician. As far as the kitchen is concerned, in addition to avoiding unnecessary accidents, it is also convenient to enter the kitchen to make delicious cooking.

The Sink plate and the stove is 50cm

In the kitchen decoration, the recommended distance between the sink and the stove is 50cm.

Recommended distance for kitchen cabinets and stoves

Recommended distance for kitchen cabinets and stoves

Stargate.com.hk Standard distance in kitchen

The standard distance between kitchen cabinets and stoves, of course, should be adjusted according to the actual situation.

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