Does 2016NF23 threaten the Earth?

     In the past few days, the news of the 2016NF23 impact on the Earth has appeared on major foreign websites. It is reported that this 2016NF23 asteroid will approach the Earth in a dangerous form at 3:38 pm on August 29, 2018 Eastern Time, and this small The measured volume of the planet is similar to that of the Pyramid of Egypt.

Will the planet hit the earth? Is it dangerous?

      You can rest assured that in order to avoid panic, the NASA Planetary Defense Officer of the United States will reply by email. The 2016NF23 will never pose any threat to the Earth. It just marks the planet as a potentially dangerous asteroid, according to its 8 million kilometers on the Earth. Within the orbit of the orbit, this asteroid passes without any danger to the earth.